LEARN PRACTICAL UX/UI to help your company grow

4-day UX fundamentals course for product leaders

Learn how to use UX/UI design frameworks, tools, and methodologies to validate new features and products with no code, minimize risk, and lead with a UX mindset.

UX for Leaders 101

$290per seat
  • 8hrs of live online classes (4 days, 2 hours each)
  • UX Toolkit filled with exclusive templates, resources, and materials used by established, award-winning design teams and agencies
  • Taught by a UX/UI design industry leader
  • Hands-on guidance and coaching
  • Network with other like-minded designers & leaders

How It Works

UX For Leaders 101 is a 4-day interactive course taught by a live online instructor. Classroom sizes are capped at 25 seats to allow for an intimate and collaborative experience.

The course is designed for tech founders, leaders, and product designers that recognize the importance of user-centric design in making competitive and customer-friendly digital products.

Each day you’ll attend a live class via zoom, receive new materials in your UX toolkit, and learn new activities to explore. You'll be guided through a proven and customizable UX/UI process and pick up insider tips and tricks along the way.

You will understand how to use research and data to properly define the problem you're solving, get to know your target audience, design a prototype, and test and validate it with real users.

At the end of this course, you will possess the knowledge, skills, and mindset to lead your organization with a user-centric approach, fostering a culture of innovation, creating exceptional digital products, and inspiring your team to deliver outstanding user experiences that drive growth and customer loyalty.

Topics covered

Day 1

Process & Craft

  • UX/UI fundamentals
  • Best practices, patterns, & trends
  • Developing your process
  • Heuristic evaluations

Day 2

Research & Discovery

  • Defining the (real) problem
  • How to get to know your users
  • Persona development
  • Practical research methods
  • User research plan

Day 3

Ideation & Sketching

  • Common UX deliverables
  • Stories and features
  • Ideation for innovators
  • Tasks and flows
  • User journeys

Day 4

Validation & Team Building

  • Design systems
  • No-code prototypes
  • Usability testing
  • Leading with a UX mindset
  • Course recap & plan

Who it's for

UX for leaders 101 is the right solution FOR YOU if...

  • You are a tech founder, CEO, product leader, or designer who wants to enhance your understanding of UX/UI design and its application in product development.
  • You value innovation and creative thinking, and are seeking to disrupt the market with new solutions.
  • You want to improve the overall quality of your products and services.
  • You’re trying to optimize operational processes to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.
  • You prioritize skill development for you and your team.
  • You value team empowerment and want to attract and retain top talent.
  • You aim for sustainable growth driven by high-quality digital products.
  • You want your products to provide exceptional user experiences that drive customer loyalty and delight.


Hi, I'm Nicole

I am committed to being more than your course instructor, product designer, and strategic advisor. I will also be your company's biggest fan.

Throughout my 18+ years of experience in the industry, I've led and designed over 80 digital products with integrity for Fortune 500s and leading startups. Outside of Founders Who UX, I am the Co-founder and CEO of the elite product design agency, Gallardo Labs.

I also mentor startups at TechStars, help shape the future of education at UX of EdTech, and write for UX Magazine, Entrepreneur’s Handbook, and UX Collective.

I am a lifelong learner on a mission to make practical premium UX and product design accessible to growing companies of all sizes and stages.

Nicole Gallardo


Hamish Kennedy

Director of Product at EduSmart

Founders Who UX provided us with a process that as a company we were not implementing in Product development and design. Our team consists of a CEO, CTO, a designer and myself.

It made all of us understand the process and see its value that we will ensure we will practice going forward.

The depth and breadth of Nicole's UX expertise is condensed into this professional and immersive course.

Polina Lulu

Designer & Researcher

I participated in the UX 101 course to ensure I got all I needed to lead UX in my company. I speak UX, but I've never held a leading position before, and getting as prepared as possible was my prime goal.

The class was above what I expected! Nicole covered the UX fundamentals in a simple yet profound way - so I refreshed my knowledge, boosted with new insights and techniques and received a generous toolbox and templates that will save us lots of time!

Not least importantly, I've learned what UX practices NOT to invest our energy in at the beta stage, which gave me the desired focus and confidence. Highly recommended!!!!

Michael Rochlis

Founder & Manager

This was a great course to learn a lot of information about a very important, yet potentially overlooked, part of any business.

Learning more technical components, especially those focused on connecting with customers, was extremely important in prioritizing the most efficient and helpful next steps to turn my vision into a successful reality.

Mark Feinberg

Founder & Investor

Very informative sessions. Also the 4 days of 2 hour blocks was just about right in terms of content.

Carly Amado

Emerging UX Designer

Thank you for encouraging us to create boards with screenshots and stickies and to "get messy" to better understand our ideas, our users, and the process.

I learned so much from your many years of UX experience in just four days.

The story told through your process and the tips offered to encourage user-focused group sessions was very insightful, and the templates I now have make me feel confident going into my next project.

This was really an eye-opening four days and has inspired me in so many ways. I can't wait to eventually work on a team with other designers to continue growing and build useful products that fulfill a need.

Angela Chisolm

Co-Founder at Peregrine Health Services

The course is amazing and packed with relevant information.

Nicole leads the course with ease and is clearly a content master. The amount of resources available after the class is extraordinary.

Deborah Lee

Founder at Dancing Panda

As a edtech startup founder, I enjoyed taking this course. I learned how to go from an idea to a product, and one that helps solve a problem for users. We discussed concepts new-to-me and also how to do some existing activities even better and more effectively.

Nicole has deep expertise that she passionately shares with founders.

I know I will be using what I learned from her for years to come. It not only will help me become a more effective product and user focused founder, but also a stronger manager of UI/UX professionals and teams that I hire later on.

Sasha Ragin

Emerging UX Designer

The course is taught (LIVE) by Nicole, who is a 3X entrepreneur with 18 years of experience running a business and in the UX (user experience) process.

Not only will Nicole share many of her tips, steps, and valuable toolkits to the UX process, but her demeanor make it easy and comfortable to ask questions if you don't quite understand the topic. You can tell that she loves what she does, and wants you, the student to understand the topics and tools, so that you can succeed.

The toolkits she shares with you are amazing and thorough which will make it easier to get you started. Whether you are an entrepreneur/founder or you work at a growing company, this course is a must to help you save time, stress, and money.

Julia Belt

Founder at Broglie Box

Nicole took us through 18 years of UX content and education in 4 days. It was a whirlwind! I learned so much.

By leading with a UX mindset, I am hoping to be able to make better data-driven decisions on which features to prioritize and get the company to product-market fit faster.

Overall, would highly recommend this course to any founder!

Angela Medina

Senior Experience Designer

Nicole is not only an outstanding UX/UI leader but also an excellent communicator who excels at distilling down frameworks and concepts and explaining them in a very simple way.

UX 101 is an absolute must for founders who are eager to learn about UX/UI design and are ready apply design practices to their product.

Daoud Ali

Project Manager

Very happy in my decision to invest in the UX 101 for Growing Companies course by Founders Who UX. It was a great experience, and I have learned “a lot.” Would definitely recommend to anyone!


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